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Repairs & Restoration

*Windows   *Sills   *Fascias & Soffits   *Doors   *Timbers

Window Repairs & Restoration by Woodworks of Epping Restoration to cladding on listed property Epping Window sill replacement Epping

Repairs to Window Casement for Listed Property

Cladding Restoration (Epping Forest)

Window Sill Replacement & Repairs (Epping)

Wooden Cladding by Woodworks of Epping

Replacement Cladding (Waney edged) on Listed Barn

Sash Window Conversion by Woodworks of Epping

Where repair is a more cost effective solution than replacement or if you have a listed property and need to preserve the existing details.

Wether it is windows, doors, frames, fascias, or other features in your home, please get in touch to discuss the available options.

Discuss your requirements & arrange a free quote


Sash Window Opening Conversion on Listed Property

Oak frame treatment & restoration Epping

Restoration & Treatment of Oak Frame Prior to Re-cladding (Epping)

Replacement of timber sole plate Epping

Preparation for Replacement of  Timber Sole Plate

Sash Window Restoration by Woodworks of Epping

Sash Window Sill Replacement & Repairs (Epping)